Poster by Madz Rehorek

Poster by Madz Rehorek



SLY RAT THEATRE COMPANY brings terrifying new ghost story



Season: March 14 – March 22

Directed by Alan Chambers

Assistant Director: Joseph Appleton


Jeremy Kewley / Todd Levi / Jennifer Monk / Katy Reid / Brad Walsh

"Intelligent, unsettling and hauntingly beautiful … Brought many audience members to genuine tears’.

 Arts News Portal

" … moments that evoked genuine feelings of unease and panic in the audience … A suspenseful, fascinating theatre experience".

Melbourne Observer

"Doomsday Devices is of a quality that raises the bar for original, independently produced work … though provoking and surprisingly moving."

The Theatre Nerd

"There’s nothing like a good ghost story. The kind that leaves the hair standing up on the back of your neck, sitting on the edge of your seat, with a vague sensation of being watched by someone …  Melbourne’s northern suburbs, in the middle of a scorching hot summer may, not seem like the ideal setting for a ghost story, but that’s exactly what Sly Rat Theatre Co. have brought us with Doomsday Devices."

The Vulture

Set in a scorching Melbourne summer of the near future, DOOMSDAY DEVICES is the story of a middle-aged man, suffering from severe mental illness, whose world falls apart when he is visited by a traumatised teenage girl. Things aren’t any better outside Maurice’s apartment: there has been a shooting involving a local indigenous boy, the city melts in a near-apocalyptic heatwave and the streets are filled with vicious riots and violence. As the city screams around him, Maurice is drawn into a web of strange happenings that all seem to be connected to a turbulent teenage visitor who is haunted by her own malevolent presence.

‘Bringing a sense of unease and disorientation to a physical space like a theatre is exciting. My goal is to create visceral theatre amidst the drama. You know, the kind that evokes those shivering sensations. The ones that make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. That’s the fun challenge of DOOMSDAY DEVICES, to complement the subtle, grief stricken aspect of its characters with a playful approach to atmosphere and audience stimulation’ says director ALAN CHAMBERS. 

‘Ghost stories change with every generation. At their core, they are always a mirror, a reflection, a metaphor of what we are scared of most. At this point in history – if you believe the news and our Prime Minister – Australians seem to be scared of everything. Refugees, invasion, immigrants … it’s about time our ghost stories reflected that’ says playwright ANDY HARMSEN. 

Directed by Alan Chambers (NIDA) and written by Andy Harmsen (University of Melbourne/VCA), DOOMSDAY DEVICES is set to consolidate SLY RAT THEATRE’S fast growing reputation for making provocative and relevant theatre. 

Creative Team

Set & Light Design: Benjamin Brockman

Sound Design: Andy Harmsen

Stage Manager: Trevor Chambers

Set Construction: Brenton Brooker

Costume/Props: Christine Thurquhart



Sly Rat's Doomsday Devices at Revolt Theatre - A Review by Amy Tenner

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'Sly Rat Theatre’s production appears so effortless it makes you wonder why other companies don’t mine the many horrors and spectral nasties that are so popular in the cinema'.

'Director ALAN CHAMBERS has produced a horror tale that can stand alongside any drama in regards to its sheer emotional impact and quality. The cast are uniformly excellent.'

'...a vibrant, relevant and haunting piece of original theatre that brought many audience members in Saturday’s near full house to genuine tears'.

'Intelligent, unsettling and hauntingly beautiful... definitely a young company to watch'.

REVIEW OF 'DOOMSDAY DEVICES' By Grace Kwyn (Vulture Magazine)

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'The piece was punctuated with moments that evoked genuine feelings of unease and panic in the audience'.

'The highlight of the play is Kewley’s portrayal of the broken Maurice – heart-breaking at times'

Review By Cheryl Threadgold (The Observer)

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'Congratulations... for creating a suspenseful fascinating theatre experience. May there be many more to come!'

Review by Antony Steadman (The Theatre Nerd)

'DOOMSDAY DEVICES is of a quality that raises the bar for original, independently produced work'.


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